Air freight

The transport plane TIMELINESS 'AND QUICKLY'

INTERSPED SERVICE to meet the requirements of timeliness and speed demanded by the market operates, through a close network of collaborations with leading national and international carriers ensuring the rapid movement of goods in the airport. Our air services include:

  • Palettizzazioni and freight consolidation
  • National distribution
  • Storage
  • Services door to door


Intersped service is a market leader in international shipping. Created in 1975 by the entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry knowledge of its founder Antonio Forges Davanzati and is, today, one of the houses of the oldest international shipping Neapolitan territory....

Intersped Service

Via Melisurgo 15
80133 Napoli 
Ph: 081.552.30.71 - 081.552.01.67 
Fax: 081.551.81.27

Cis di Nola Isola 1 Torre 1 n° 127
Ph: 081.826.86.82
Fax: 081.510.85.97