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"The figure of the customs agent"

Customs agents is one of the most specialized and important professionals in the international transport of goods.

These professionals play a crucial role in the logistics chain being able to manage international trade with specific skills that enable the processing of applications all over the world.

And 'in fact the one who helps the exporter or importer in the performance of customs formalities, and the application of specific documents and authorizations necessary to regulate international trade in goods.
Represents, in the name and on behalf of the owner of the goods by exercising direct representation provided for in Article 5 of the Community Customs Code - Regulation EEC n. 2913 of 1992 and its implementing Regulation n. 2454 of 1993
Since 1960, customs agents are inserted in the appropriate register for the recognition of which is necessary to overcome a public competition whose rules are governed by TULD.


Intersped service is a market leader in international shipping. Created in 1975 by the entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry knowledge of its founder Antonio Forges Davanzati and is, today, one of the houses of the oldest international shipping Neapolitan territory....

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